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Program description

This introductory course for the diagnosis, treatment planning and placement of dental implants and dental rehabilitation will occur over 4 weekend sessions. Participants will also be required to attend one live surgical demonstration of implant placement with associated treatment planning as an adjunct to didactic sessions.

This course will begin with case identification  before moving to treatment planning straightforward cases and progressing to the basics of bone grafting and implant placement. Subsequent didactic sessions will cover diagnosis using CBCT scanning, fabrication of surgical guides for computer guided surgeries, placement of implants in models and pig jaws, suturing techniques, and prosthetic restoration of implant cases, including single-unit cases and mandibular over dentures.

This course is ideal for clinicians interested in learning about implant treatment planning, placement and restoration.  The newer feature of planning and treating Sleep Dentistry is not presently being taught any where else.  Clinicians who complete this course will have a practical view of dental rehabilitation and Sleep Dentistry.

Mentoring for continued support of participants will be available to participants of the course to ensure a level of competence for the continued implant placement.

Philadelphia implant education Participants’ objectives

  • Identify appropriate cases for implant treatment

  • Understand the difference between conventional x-rays and CT scan and how to review basic anatomy on a CBCT scan

  • Prosthetically plan implant cases for surgical guidance using treatment planning software

  • Prepare osteotomy sites for implant placement with bone and socket grafting

  • Place implants in straightforward cases on typodent models/porcine jaw

  • Understand suturing techniques for different types of implant site closure

  • Fabricate a prosthetic guide for implant surgery

  • Prosthetic disciplines for implant restorations

All course attendees will receive their CE letter from Philadelphia Implant Education.

 Robert Walinchus, DMD

Subject Code: 690

Type: Lecture/Participation

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

1 West Woodland Ave

Springfield, Pa.19064


 Clinicians interested in learning to treatment plan large complete rehabilitation cases, place implants , plan implant cases,  learn guided digital technology for implants and plan & perform sleep dentistry cases

CE Credit:  42.0 Hours if all 3 weekends are completed or 14 CE credit hours per weekend

Contact Linda for more information: (610) 543-5673

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