" I have searched for an optimal way to gain the confidence and passion to  add surgical placement of implants to my list of services I can competently offer my patients.   Dr. Robert Walinchus' Philadelphia Implant Education, has been one of the most satisfying continuing education experiences I have had in my 30 years of practice. He is a committed clinician, teacher , and mentor par excellence. The course is presented in a logical, clear, concise and practical manner, so that each skill you aquire builds sequentially.  The ancillary service providers( Salvin, Osteogenics, Prexion, and Co-Diagnostix) are equally committed to insuring that each attendee gains the knowledge and skill to build a fail safe approach  to help you diagnose , communicate , market, and implement implant/prosthetic placement  practices that bring tremendous value to your patients, your team, and your business. 

I recommend this education to any clinician who wants to enhance his/ her own skill level with the beauty of implant dentistry, whether or not you have ever placed a dental implant!!

Furthermore, Dr. Walinchus' manner and character are engaging, realistic, and entirely supportive.  

I wish I had known of this opportunity when I was a younger dentist!! "

-Dr. Trey Wilson, Manhattan and New Hope, Pa

I am currently enrolled in Dr. Robert Walinchus' Philadelphia Implant Education Program.  This Program provides a comprehensive study of implant dentistry from patient selection to final restoration.  Dr. Walinchus effectively blends live Surgical demonstration with classroom study to provide guidance for establishing implant services within a general practice.  I highly recommend this program.  

Richard J. MacFeeters,DMD Pitman NJ

I have taken many implant courses prior to PIE This is by far the most comprehensive I have been to.  It builds your knowledge in a logical way that puts together the "big picture" of implant surgery.  I wish this was the first course I took.  It would have allowed me to start implants in my practice sooner and more efficiently.  Seeing live surgeries from planning to execution helps put it all together.  

Andrew Swiatowicz,DDS Wilmington DE